Akkodis UK

It’s our ambition to make incredible happen for our clients, our people and our planet. Together with our 1,000 experts in engineering and IT, we combine our passion for people with technology, accelerating digital transformation for UK organizations for over 25 years.

We are known for our ability to develop solutions for complex challenges, offering people, process and technology innovations to build a smarter future.

We deliver in cutting-edge environments, building the right talent solutions for your business.

We are Akkodis.

Making incredible happen

We are a leader in Smart Industry and combine our strengths in IT, Digital and Engineering to build a better tomorrow.

We provide deep industry sector knowledge and enable talents and customers to grow beyond their limits. From ERP to Cloud and AI to Machine Learning and beyond. We know exactly where to find best-in-class specialists and how to engage and shape their career paths in the smart industry.

We understand the technology roadmap, the future of your industry and the complexity of change and we work to continuously innovate and improve to solve complex challenges.

  • 1,000+

    Engineering, IT & Digital specialists

  • 4

    Services to solve your complex challenges

  • 11

    offices in the UK

  • £100M+


  • 15+

    years of continuous contracts with Government and Defense clients

Passion for Technology and Talent

At Akkodis, we build solutions for our clients, and you build a career. At the heart of digital transformation is IT and Engineering. How these two traditional technologies converge to create the latest change in worldwide digital innovation is pivotal to the future of all our lives.

We work with some of the biggest brands across Aerospace, Automotive, Health, Manufacturing and Financial Services. We make the incredible happen. If you have a passion for a smarter future, then work with or for us!

We are Akkodis.

Make the future Smarter for everyone

A smarter future means smarter for industry, smarter for people but it also means smarter for our environment.

We believe in giving back through our social purpose initiatives having been a partner with Shelter for the last 2 years on their GROW campaign.

We have built our business around inclusivity and actively strive for diversity in our workplace. We know that we can only build a smarter tomorrow through our actions. As part of The Adecco Group, we have D&I leaders across equality forums in Gender, Sexuality, Mental Health and Ethnicity.

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Gemeinsam für eine
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