Akkodis Belgium

Are you looking to get your organization in shape for a digital future? Need the best engineers and IT experts to do the job? At Akkodis Belgium we strive to make your success our success. We work for the top companies in 7 industries with a focus on Energy, Mobility, and a global Life Sciences & Health center of expertise. Let’s make incredible happen, together.

At Akkodis we only hire the best and brightest minds. Want to get creative and work in a modern environment? Looking for projects at global industry leaders? Then you’re going to love what we have to offer at Akkodis!

Your career is in good hands

At Akkodis Belgium we developed a dedicated career path plan, with the possibility to grow upwards and sidewards. It’s entirely up to you! We have a full-blown Wellbeing Program, you can upskill yourself with our Knowledge Hub trainings, we organize Round Tables with all our colleagues, and we reward those who excel with our Top Performers awards. Whichever way you want to thrive and evolve, it’s all possible at Akkodis Belgium!

We cultivate an innovative DNA

We want to create a better future for everyone. That is why we partnered with Living Tomorrow, an innovation campus in the heart of Europe with a mission to show us what a possible future could look like. By partnering with Living Tomorrow, we are part of an innovative ecosystem of industry leaders with an enormous potential of co-creation and more importantly, we are at the forefront of future technological challenges to better serve our clients.

We work hard, and we play hard

To our top clients we are the experts in our field. We are the best on the market, and we want to keep being the best by always looking forward. Happy employees make happy clients, so we focus on giving our colleagues the best possible tools to get the job done, whilst also taking the time to celebrate in good fashion. Work hard, play hard is not just an empty phrase here at Akkodis Belgium, it’s our way of life. Join us!

Akkodis is an engineering and IT powerhouse worldwide working in 7 industries. In Belgium we have created a global expertise center for our pharma, biotech, and healthcare clients. A delivery center like no other, able to upskill and reskill your people, offering services like biostatistical analysis, (bio-)medical writing and even support for acquiring grants. Akkodis Belgium is your global one stop shop for current and future business in Life Sciences & Health.

Let's engineer your smarter
future together