Meet the passionate experts behind the Digital Accessibility team

Aurélien Jagoret and Kévin Bustamante complement each other's roles. One has a more technical profile - the other, a more commercial one. But both are focused on the human dimension, something that lies at the very heart of Akkodis' digital accessibility team. We met them to discuss the importance of this offering, which is part of the diversity and inclusion strategy within companies.

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31st of October, 2023

Aurélien Jagoret: Head of Digital Accessibility

Aurélien is deeply committed to making digital technology accessible to all. Born and raised in Châlons-en-Champagne, in the north-east of France, he joined Akkodis to develop high-impact projects, both in terms of technology and social responsibility, and to contribute to the ecological transition. As Head of Digital Accessibility, Aurélien participates in the pre-sales phase and brings two skills to the table: scope definition and management of a response team to produce technical and financial proposals. 

The desire to reduce the gap between disabled and able-bodied people (and the associated social divide) motivates Aurélien on a daily basis. He stresses the importance of the human element in the digital accessibility project: “We need to demonstrate the added value of this offering for the able-bodied people by providing additional comfort for everyone.”

He illustrates his point with a practical example of a feature that inspired innovative solutions for all users: “Do you use a remote control when you watch television? It was invented to help people with psychomotor impairment switch channels and watch TV.” These days we consume audiovisual content via streaming and the audience with disabilities should be able to just press ‘play’ to start a program, but this is hardly standard practice.

To meet these specific and fundamental needs, Aurélien found himself in sales. He has happily taken on this role for a product that deserves recognition. Working in-house with Kévin, they are raising awareness among managers, who can influence their teams and help spread the word about digital accessibility. Outside the company, they approach customers directly, taking up their “pilgrim's staff” to increase companies' awareness of their disabled employees’ needs.

When he talks about the challenges and new areas of development that lie ahead, Aurélien's enthusiasm is just as clear: “Our offering is growing and maturing, and the Digital Accessibility team with it. Some projects will require us to scale up if we are successful. We look forward to participating in this transformation, which will be essential if we are to satisfy our customers and continue to develop this excellent offering that combines the human and the digital.”

Kévin Bustamante: Digital Accessibility Expert

As a visually impaired consultant, Kévin assists customers and project teams in implementing digital accessibility practices. He raises awareness and trains various stakeholders. For example, UX Designers can spend a day alongside him for a first-hand experience of disability at work. 

Kévin's technical skills and expertise are essential to any accessibility project. He has a thorough understanding of the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), which define the criteria required to make interfaces accessible to people with disabilities. This framework can be used to code a website or application in such a way that any tools needed to compensate for a disability can be deployed. Kévin evaluates websites, applications and other digital content to identify accessibility problems and suggest improvements to the user interface. He supports UX teams from the design phase onwards, to help them create interfaces with an inclusive user experience and enhanced ergonomics. 

“Integrating accessibility principles into all areas of web development is essential: from design to UI, navigation and user interactions. This means adopting techniques such as appropriate tags, alternative descriptions for media and highlighting interactive elements.” Thanks to Kévin, customers and in-house staff benefit from training in best practice and accessibility techniques. These courses are Qualiopi-certified (approved by the French Accreditation Committee on the basis of national quality standards), which means corporate customers can qualify for public funding.

Kévin believes that digital accessibility projects have a direct impact on other business areas, as they emphasize an inclusive, user-centric UX. This in turn translates into greater UX/UI awareness across the board. Code quality also improves, as accessibility standards demand rigorous coding practices. “HR has become more aware of the needs of disabled employees,” adds Kevin. “We've forged closer links with the AI and R&D divisions to come up with innovative accessibility solutions. These initiatives foster a more inclusive corporate culture and overall improvement in products and processes.”

Recent legislation supports all accessibility initiatives, which are part of a company's CSR, diversity and inclusion strategy. When it comes to digital accessibility, as Aurélien and Kévin both stress, actions speak louder than words.

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