Akkodis Academy Helps SoftBank’s Internal Brand Transformation

Business Challenges


Softbank is a recognized technology company in Japan, but from a digital transformation perspective, customer perception needed to be more compelling, necessitating a re-branding.

The sales representatives needed to be able to offer technology solutions to their customers, not just sell data communications products and services.

The client wanted to create an organization where employees could reflect an appropriate brand image.

Softbank had already conducted numerous external sales training programs, but these did not help solve the problem. Therefore, our team had to convince the client that training helps and that we were the right partner.

Akkodis proposed a standalone training program for comprehensive brand talent development which the client accepted.

Our Solution


We worked with the client to improve employees’ internal branding skills and promote the organization's brand image transformation, so the client becomes the most recognized brand among its competitors.

To this end, we created personalized trainings, including employee assessments, recommendations reports, and training plans. We also run problem-solving assessments, including visualization of employees’ skills and training results.

Akkodis Japan made a visual map for the client’s employees’ career paths. This matrix shows various details like the number of employed people having a particular job description, the skills needed, if the company needs new hires, and many more.

Industry: Information & Communications Technology

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