Akkodis - Strategic Partner of Choice for Standard Life’s Talent and Service Desk Management

Business Challenges


Standard Life’s service desk was manned ten hours a day, six days a week, and staffed by IT contractors — a costly solution that also posed a significant risk. After becoming overly reliant on the knowledge of these contractors, Standard Life’s service offering risked vulnerability to disruption in the face of attrition. To future-proof their services, Standard Life required a 24×7 support structure capable of supporting new technologies, territories, and engagement models, with the resources to retain specific knowledge and improve SLAs at the best possible cost point.

Our Solution

  • An extension of the client’s permanent workforce, with the flexibility of contingent workers — allowing them to flex resources up or down in line with demand, whilst retaining vital knowledge.
  • The mitigation of co-employment risk, with all resources employed, inducted and performance managed by Akkodis.
  • Highly qualified and technically tested consultants, with a structured career development and training program tailored to Standard Life’s specific needs.
  • Fixed and stable charge rates paid as annual one-off fees.
  • Engaged and motivated workforce, with bi-annual bonuses paid in line with individual performance against KPIs and SLAs
  • Rapid deployment and optimization of resources through the virtual bench, pre-start training, knowledge transfer, best practice sharing and buddy schemes.
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