Akkodis Supports BMW’s Senior Experts Program

Business Challenges


Over the years, the client's long-term employees have built up a high level of expertise, in-depth process knowledge, and partner networks. Naturally, many of these experienced experts are retiring. This leads to a loss of know-how. To avoid this, the client has launched a new Senior Experts Program. It offers the company the opportunity to use the experience and knowledge of former employees in the form of short-term assignments and projects. This means that BMW retirees can temporarily return to their jobs and pass on their knowledge to the younger generation.

Akkodis had already worked with an online platform for managing temporary employees called BEEPLE and tailored it specifically to the client's requirements.

There has never been a comparable project at the BMW Group before. It is something we have not explored. However, because we have known the client for many years and have worked closely with all internal departments, we were able to quickly adapt to provide answers and legally sound solutions to various questions the client had.

Our Solution

Akkodis was responsible for the following:

  • Design, administration, and maintenance of the senior experts’ pool 
  • Supervision and support of the senior experts
  • Support for the specialist departments
  • Profile screening
  • Resumes and shortlist generation
  • Interviews coordination with the departments
  • Creation of temporary employees in the platform
  • Individual employee assignment contract and assignment confirmation
  • Assignment support 
  • Reporting/feedback forms.

Our team worked to assure:

  • Pool’s data quality
  • Response times within the framework of recruitment
  • Compliance with collective agreements and minimum wages
  • Feedback sheet.

Industry: Automotive & Transportation

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