Akkodis Sustains Adecco App Project

Business Challenges


The Adecco App Project is a mobile application for job seekers. It was a new project for the client. With insufficient internal talent, Adecco was looking to source an additional workforce to complete the project.

The client also had unsatisfactory experience with other vendors, and because of the Akkodis proven software development capabilities, the client reached out to us.

We joined the project with a few employees, and the team grew to include more than 20 dedicated experts. The Akkodis team managed to quickly onboard the required people with the right technology stack and was able to seamlessly integrate within the existing operational structure.

Our Solution

We invested quite some time in presenting the value of the project to candidates so they could feel confident when choosing to join our team. We were required to find highly skillful and motivated professionals, so we introduced proper tasks in the recruiting process to ensure we were aiming at suitable candidates.

Because of our ability to provide the right expertise, demonstrate excellent communication, and use best practices in the field, we managed to onboard the right people to support the Adecco App Project.

Industry: Human Resources Services

Technologies & Certifications used:

Microsoft Azure DevOps | Node.JS | TypeScript | React JS | Cordova | Capacitor | Mongodb

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