Akkodis Academy Japan Speeds Up Automotive Company’s Education Programs Adoption

Business challanges


Akkodis Academy in Japan started this project in 2020 and currently has 80 engineers providing technical capabilities to this client. Our team is building an electronic software development platform called ‘Strengthen Client’s Software Development’ to improve the software for our ongoing education provision and set up a development system to support it.

In a world of ever-expanding digital transformation, the client has been trying to build a large-scale software development system. However, the client’s software development needs outstripped our human resources capacity.

Our solution

Akkodis’ team creates a career map to serve as a standard for employees' career plans. To increase the number of human resources by changing job classifications in the software system, we review the criteria for training and evaluation of the required talent.

We also offer consulting services to help build the infrastructure for the client’s educational system. We set up a curriculum spanning from the implementation of educational programs to the measurement of their effectiveness, and we provide support for visualizing educational outcomes.

Finally, we follow up on securing assignments after changing jobs. If the client’s department is unable to provide a sufficient number of employees for on-the-job training, we consider accepting them in our outsourced team after they have completed the required learning pathway.


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