Akkodis Builds Integrated Sensor Technology Analytics Platform to Boost Fleet’s Efficiency, Uptime and Safety

Business Challenges

The Akkodis team is developing a new Internet of Trailers open platform for the client that consolidates sensor data from leading manufacturers into an integrated analytics system. It is a secure and scalable platform to drive the transportation industry forward. With smart technology that makes data actionable, fleets can save time, cost and and achieve safety on the road.

The client’s business model is focused on providing customers with comprehensive and customizable solutions that help them better manage their transportation assets, improve operational efficiency, and drive greater profitability.

A distributed service delivery center structured for this development provided increased scalability, access to diverse talent, enhanced risk management, and higher velocity to the program, resulting in the delivery of higher-quality software products.

Our Solution

Akkodis is building an enterprise cloud-native platform for the client that provides valuable insights for fleet management. The solution offers complete fleet analytics, real-time fleet status updates, on-demand requests, geo-fences, and more.

The platform integrates custom-deployable configurable sensors to stay connected with any asset, anytime. Our team is also developing a connectivity protocol for a durable, reliable, fully integrated platform.

The platform is built on a composable cloud-native microservices-based, API-first architecture. It provided scalability, flexibility, fault tolerance, seamless communication between components, and faster time-to-market for onboarding new clients.

Akkodis used model-based software engineering in CI/CD pipeline approach with a product-oriented development (POD) structure. This approach and the Program Increment (PI) have provided efficiency and co-creation with the client, helping to drive agility in developing and deploying the product.


Industry: Manufacturing & Logistics

Technologies & Certifications used:

AWS CloudFormation

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