Leading Aerospace Manufacturer Expands Business Development Opportunities

Business Challenges

While many countries are increasing their competitive advantage in the aerospace industry, Japan is experiencing a decline in profitability. Facing these circumstances, the client chose Akkodis to help them develop new business and increase their added value by providing consulting services for them. Starting this project, Akkodis team found out that the insufficient market research and the lack of clarification on the resources and available technologies within the company had led to a stagnated business development. Also, the client’s customers and their needs had not been identified, which added to decreasing in the profitability of their existing business.

Our Solution

As part of our project, we made the following steps: Market research and a review of the resources and technologies within the company, including:
  • Research new markets and recycling markets
  • Research from material to product process
  • Research on owned technologies.

Identification of specific customers:
  • Research on factors that affect the business
  • Research on products that have an impact on the market
  • Identification of apparent or latent need.

Creating a new business plan:
  • Identify customers
  • Visualization of the value chain
  • Identify products that can be differentiated
  • Propose future development plans (existing and new products)
  • Develop a recycling market plan with high potential for competitive advantage and financial profitability.
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