Akkodis Reinforces Client’s Software-Defined Vehicle Program with Novel Service Delivery Model

Business Challenges

The client is investing in software-defined vehicle technology to create connected vehicles that have improved performance, safety, and efficiency. It is focusing on new software-centered vehicle architecture for flexible and modular designs, integrating advanced driver-assisted safety features. These should improve vehicle connectivity and communication with other vehicles and infrastructure, and introduce over-the-air updates for remote management.

Our Solution

Our solution establishes and advances a Build-Operate-Transform-and-Transfer (BOTT) service delivery model for software development and engineering service delivery in distributed team structure incorporating onshore, nearshore, and offshore centers.

Akkodis implements a seed team structure in the start-up phase: a cross-functional team of solution architects in Cloud, digital software, embedded connectivity, application development, DevOps, and the IoT. The primary objective is establishing the core project structure to build the initial product.

The program commits to focusing on reskilling talent in this BOTT setup. The transformational focus and service delivery excellence are implemented to enhance the quality of service.


Industry: Automotive & Transportation

Technologies & Certifications used:

Google Cloud Platform | AWS CloudFormation | Microsoft Azure

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