Akkodis Canada

Introducing Akkodis Canada. Akkodis is born out of the merger between AKKA and Modis, to create an IT and Engineering solution powerhouse. Our teams of experts are passionate and dedicated to finding the best tech and IT professionals for your projects and your business.

Over the past 35 years, we have built a reputation as a leader in IT and Engineering staffing, known for our ability to develop the right solutions, people, and technology for pioneering startups and global enterprises.

Our Mission: Engineering a Smarter Future Together

A smarter future means a future built better for industry, for people, and for our communities.

We have built our business around inclusivity and actively strive for diversity in our workplace, with partnerships such as Girls Who Code. As part of The Adecco Group, we thrive to offer an inclusive environment no matter your gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Our diverse forum of leaders is committed to working with you to create a smarter future for everyone.

At the heart of digital transformation are IT and Engineering. These two traditional approaches converge to create the latest digital innovations, changing the way we live our daily lives. That's where we come in! We build solutions for our clients, and you can build a career with us.

We work with some of the biggest and most famous brands across Transportation, Defense, Automotive, Health, manufacturing, and many more.  If you are passionate about a smarter future, work with Akkodis!

Let's engineer your smarter
future together