Aerospace and Defense

The defense and aerospace industries have faced turbulence.
It may look like they’re being pulled in opposite directions – commercial aviation and aerospace took a heavy hit from the pandemic, while security threats across the globe have seen defense solutions in high demand.

But a closer look reveals a more nuanced picture, with a range of shared challenges – and a wealth of opportunities for industry players that are prepared for change.

    Accelerating design and development

    Aerospace and defense industries both face a pressing need to accelerate design and development cycles to meet growing demand. Annual air passenger numbers are forecast to reach 8.2 billion in 2037 (double the 2017 figure) at the same time as security tensions across the globe are generating demand for defense solutions.
    The advantage will belong to companies that can speed up their processes in requirement engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, modeling and testing, as well as providing quality certification and documentation.

    Advanced manufacturing technologies

    New developments in manufacturing hold great promise for aerospace and defense companies and suppliers. Advancements in robotics and production-line automation will reduce human errors and increase manufacturing yields. This means companies that fall behind the competition in implementing these technologies will struggle – but that doesn’t mean this can be rushed.

    Resilient supply chains

    The implementation of technologies like advanced robotics and production-line automation is a huge transformation. Any change of this scale must be handled with care, ideally as part of a wider transformation of supply chains into resilient, boundaryless value chains that can withstand shocks and turbulence.
    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to building strong value chains. Finding the right approach for your organization means looking at strategies like onshoring and vertical integration alongside technologies and tools from big data analytics to robotic process automation. Akkodis’ industry-leading tech talent has the technology skills and the deep industry knowledge to guide companies on this journey, whatever their place in the value chain.

Why Akkodis

Akkodis seeks out the market’s strongest tech and engineering talent across all key disciplines, which means we’re perfectly placed to support industry players and suppliers as they transform the future of the aerospace and defense sectors.

Whether you’re a small supplier, a large military player, or anything in between, Akkodis has the tech skills and industry knowledge to keep you on the cutting edge.
The future of aerospace and defense will be built on technology. Akkodis can help guide you there.

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