Energy and Clean Technology

Climate change, health crises, and global conflicts are driving massive transformations in the energy sector. Countries around the world are increasingly pledging to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Meanwhile, the International Energy Agency predicts that by 2030, renewable energy will make up 18% of the global energy generation mix – falling short of the required 32% to reach that 2050 goal. 

Harnessing clean energy technology is key to efficiently operate and plan sustainable infrastructure. And implementing AI-enabled technologies to predict consumption and demand will be crucial in building a crisis-ready industry.

    Decentralization & decarbonization

    Decentralization, moving supply closer to consumers, requires rapid adoption of innovative technologies. Increasingly affordable solar panels, electric vehicles, storage batteries, and renewable energy installations spanning borders are already driving change.

    Growing environmental pressure puts decarbonization front and center of progress. This goes beyond clean tech investment into renewable energy. Agile systems that are up to the challenge of balancing intermittent supply with efficiency will be the backbone of tomorrow’s green economy.

    Clean tech for clean energy

    Integrating AI and IoT within the energy system is propelling the industry towards reduced emissions, enhanced efficiency, and improved security. This digital transformation has vast uses, from waste management and equipment monitoring to using real-time data for predicting risks and demands.

    And with the push towards renewables and nuclear energy accelerating, companies need multiskilled tech talent to transition to the smart grid, leverage IoT, and implement automation.

    Shifting customers demand

    Today’s customers want control over and transparency in their energy use. They are also increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint. To meet customer expectations, applications and portals must be highly connected and intuitive. This goes beyond providing consumption overviews.

    Energy trend information, efficiency advice, and easy payment methods must be available 24/7. Data collected can then be leveraged to ensure an efficient end-to-end system for both consumer and producer.

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