Manufacturing & Logistics

Growth in e-commerce. Smart factories. Delivery robots. Digital transformation across the manufacturing and logistics industries is accelerating rapidly following COVID-19. The resulting shift in demands of both consumers and businesses requires resilience, agility, and smart thinking.
Skilled tech talent will be central in balancing these demands with digital technologies for efficient production and delivery.

    Helping you deliver tomorrow

    Digital technologies are reshaping how industrial companies operate. Massive disruption in supply chains, low business visibility, and plateauing margins are pushing the manufacturing industry to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies. AI, Cloud, Machine Vision, and Predictive Maintenance are some of the many technologies that are transforming the modern industrial and manufacturing sphere.

    Akkodis provides clients with access to a global network of specialists with expertise in digital manufacturing, Big Data and analytics, and supply chain management, to accelerate digitalization and drive growth. But swift, secure product supply is no longer enough. Sustainability must be at the forefront of transformation along each step of the process.

    The sustainability imperative

    The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2030, delivery vehicles will increase by 36% due to e-commerce rise. Changing regulations, increased consumer awareness, and ecological imbalances are driving sustainability in manufacturing and supply chains.

    Companies can pave the way forward by leveraging data to analyze machinery output and optimize delivery routes, developing EV technologies and implementing IoT devices for enhanced utilities management. This is a real opportunity to pioneer a sustainable future within these industries, and Akkodis can be there, every step of the way.

    Evolution, revolution

    The fourth industrial revolution is upon us driving a true transformation in technologies and processes that make industrial and production processes smart. Akkodis’ industrial automation engineers develop solutions for superior industrial processes and assist with all aspects of hardware and software design and implementation, including documentation, support, and standardization.

Why Akkodis

With Akkodis, you have the world’s smartest minds focused on driving manufacturing innovation and logistics optimization. Our obsession for technology helps you shape your future, placing you at the cutting edge of change, and ready to deliver tomorrow.

Whether it is industrial solutions in engineering, machine learning and AI, or full plant conceptualization, we’ve got the people and the passion to make it work.
It’s time to disrupt. Together, let’s develop a smarter tomorrow.

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