Veterans in the Workforce: Kim Starling Taking Transferable Skills to the Next Level

“Adecco group is the first I have found that does not only take our past jobs as experience, but also the duties we have performed in our MOS.” - Kim Starling

At Akkodis, we know the importance of supporting our military, especially the veterans who have served and returned home, as well as their spouses. As a 2022 Military Friendly Silver recipient, along with being a 2022 Top 10 Military Spouse Employer, the Adecco group understands that veterans bring many important skills to the table. Leadership skills, teamwork, loyalty, and a sense of responsibility are just a few of those skills. Adecco connects thousands of Veterans and military spouses to their clients every year.

One of those veterans is Kim Starling, who started her military career in the Army, and ended as a 31 Bravo Military Police Officer - Rank Specialist. Kim found the Adecco group after she attended a Wounded Warrior Project virtual event that brought career recruiters and job seekers together this past March.

| Nov. 11, 2022
Kim Starling

Finding the Right Fit

After leaving the United States Army in 2011, Kim did quite a bit of job hopping. It was difficult to find a job that held the same core values as the military. She found that other companies lacked integrity, and also lacked leadership support, especially when balancing time off for her doctor appointments. It was difficult to find a company that would understand her limitations - physical and mental - since her deployment. She also needed to find an employer who was willing to allow her time to attend events with organizations like the Wounded Warriors Project that are assisting her with recovery.

 While attending the recruitment event held by the WWP, she immediately connected with Adecco. The recruiter for Adecco, who was a veteran himself, encouraged Kim to apply for open positions within HR/Operations. Kim says, “It became very clear that Adecco aligned with my military views and the willingness the company lends its support towards their employees.”

Support and Core Values

Feeling supported and finding a company that shares the same core values can be a struggle for veterans and military spouses. Kim was able to find that in the Adecco group. For Kim, the hiring process was the first indicator that Adecco was the company she was looking for. Interviews that felt more like conversations, the communication of the managers and recruiters during the interview process, and the ability to showcase her skills that she developed and mastered during her time in the U.S. Army, all made Kim feel that she had found the place she could truly shine.

When the branch manager mentioned wanting someone with a teamwork mentality, Kim realized that the Adecco group would exceed her expectations as an employer. Kim was offered a position with the Adecco group, which led to her current position with Akkodis. Kim not only found a career where she could leverage her military skills, but where she could take them to the next level.

A Superior Workplace Recommendation

Would Kim suggest Akkodis to another Veteran or Active Duty Member? She says, “Most definitely!! Finding a company that understands our language, our values, and how we are trained is rare. When around other veterans or military, our main talking points include the disconnect we encounter with employers who do not value our voices or the outside appointments we require. I am always happy to tell them about the support we receive with Akkodis.”

Through the Adecco group, Kim found that she’s able to serve her peers as she was trained, and enjoyed doing, in the military. And she loves having a sense of ensuring a mission gets completed daily.

Taking Skills to the Next Level

At Akkodis, hiring exceptional people is at the heart of what we do. We are proud to participate in the Military Alliance program so that we can connect veterans, military spouses, and reservists with careers that take their military skills to the next level. Join the team that makes a difference and make the future work for everyone.

To learn more about the Adecco Group Military Alliance, watch our video here!

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