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Client Name

The Western Australian Police Force

The Western Australia Police Force is responsible for policing the largest single police jurisdiction in the world. It covers an area covering 2.5 million square kilometers, with population of 2.68 million and a structure comprising three regions, 14 districts and 162 police stations.

Business Challenges

Today, Police must deal with huge volumes of digital information in investigations and intelligence operations – call records, documents, mobile devices, computers, email and text messages, financial transactions, images, video, social media, and the rich information in core Policing systems. Sifting through these datasets looking for important information is time consuming and requires huge effort from investigators. Specialist analysts’ skills are often required but are hard to access. Today’s analytics tools are either focused on singular datasets, unable to deal with huge datasets, require onsite specialists or are prohibitively expensive. Working with our clients and partners and applying our 10+ years of experience in Law Enforcement and Justice, Modis has developed the Söze Analytics Platform to address this need.

Our Solution

Söze has been developed in collaboration with The Western Australia Police Force to solve real problems and deliver tangible benefits that impact on policing results. Söze is a secure scalable platform that is able to ingest huge volumes of digital information, discover entities of potential interest to Police, and importantly also discover the relationships between those entities. Using the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence, further insights can be discovered from information assets connected across multiple data domains. The team worked closely with Investigators to ensure that the user experience is focused on Police investigators. 

Technologies used:

  • CosmosDB
  • Cognitive services
  • SignalR
  • Function Apps
  • Custom ML Algorithms
  • Computer Vision
  • Agile Methodology


Söze allowed both investigators and analysts to think in more abstract ways, allowing rapid analysis of discovered results. The platform helps discover patterns across disparate datasets at a level of analysis that simply isn’t possible using current methods.

Söze è in grado di:

    Discover and analyze networks of people, locations, phone calls, messages, and images. Videos, documents, financial information, and social media will soon be available

    Identifying locations, objects and faces in images via machine learning and image analytics

    Rapidly determine link & frequency within communication networks

    Identify the center of networks of people

    Track people and objects in time-and-space across all data sources.

The value to Police investigations and intelligence operations are large:

    Reduce the time Police need to find important insights – critical to time-sensitive investigations

    Huge increase in productivity of Police investigators and analysts – less time manually wrangling data, more time interpreting and analyzing the discovered objects, connections, and analytics results

    Significant risk reduction of Police not finding important information for an Investigation

    Reduced time being exposed to potentially objectionable material, reducing impact on health and welfare of Police officers and staff.

Our Client’s Experience

There is a very big capability gap in policing, and it's all to do with management and information... There has been an explosion of information and data across society because technology is just so ubiquitous, and while we could access it, we have previously had no way to analyse it all efficiently and this changes that. I've not seen any system of this nature anywhere, ever, full stop.

Tim Thomas

Detective Inspector

Western Australia Police Force (WAPF)

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