European grid operator improves power transmission services

Client Name

Electricity system operator

Our customer is a leading electricity transmission system operator (TSO). It manages the Dutch high-voltage grid and is the largest electricity transporter in Germany. With over 24,000 kilometers of high-voltage connections and 5,700 employees, the company ensures a secure supply of electricity to 42 million end users. The annual revenue for 2020 reached €4,5 billion.

Business Challenges

We have been working with this client since 2018. We carry out the engineering work for their maintenance and conservation projects in the West of the Netherlands. Our specialists offer predominantly small-scale services: preventive and corrective works, and serial replacement of primary and secondary components within the existing 380kV and 150kV infrastructure. For this project, the client wanted to replace an existing 150 kV divider and add an extra component. To make this possible, new steel construction and a new foundation was to be designed. Then the secondary system should be adapted accordingly. We had to implement this with minimum unavailability of the high-voltage connection. To do this, the right information had to be found in the client’s database archive. Then we were able to design and calculate the new steel construction, following the client’s parameters and standards.

Our Solution

Modis project team maps out the action plan at the client’s premises and offers consultation. Upon agreement, we provide a work package with primary and secondary construction aspects. Finally, after the training, we collect and archive all relevant documents “as-built”. There are two main phases of this project: in the first one, we deliver a score report. In the second we present an elaborated work package which contains a work description, primary and secondary drawings, construction drawings, calculations, and many appendices. Once we complete our work, we finalize all necessary documentation. The secondary data is generated in ELCAD – an efficient tool for the production of electrical documentation. In the end, we deliver the primary construction documents and all relevant records as well.

Technologies used:

  • Autodesk
  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWork
  • Adobe
  • MS Office
  • SCIA


95% of our projects are delivered following the 'First Time Right' (FTR) concept. We achieved this by asking the customer the right questions and discussing various scenarios during the engineering process. The client usually makes the assessment of their partners by the percentage of projects being done following the 'First Time Right' (FTR) approach.
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