Japanese automotive manufacturer employs Akkodis Automation Tool to reduce costs and improve efficiency

Client Name

Automotive equipment producer
Our client is a Japanese automotive manufacturer. It provides steering systems, machine tools, electronic control devices, home accessories, and other equipment. It has more than 48,000 employees throughout its 118 subsidiaries and 226 branches across the globe. The company reported annual sales of $11.85 billion as of March 31, 2021.

Business Challenges

The client has been trying to digitally transform its processes since 2021, to cut costs and raise operational efficiency. However, it seemed difficult for them to change their organization’s traditional culture. This project involves the client’s design department. One of the biggest problems there was having the expert talent resources allocated to routine tasks such as design reviews. These, instead, could be performed by an administrative team. The department’s management had tried to outsource those tasks, but they could not succeed in reducing man-hours because there was a lot of specialized and highly confidential work.

Our Solution

To reduce the time required for drawings specification reviews, our team created a tool to automate the process of checking the engineering drawings and documents, where people would spend most of their time. We proposed a top-down approach, involving not only the engineers on-site but also the sales staff and the respective executives. This technique helped accelerate the transformation process. In addition, the engineers studied IT and created their tools, learning Python on their own while taking advantage of the educational opportunities provided by Akkodis.

Technologies used:

  • Python
  • MS Office
The tool’s trial period showed a reduction of man-hours of 1,000. Some employees continue using the tool after the trial ended, as it proved to be beneficial. The client is considering more departments to adopt the system. That would affect around 150 people leading to significant cost savings.

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