Akkodis Italy

Over €100 millions in revenues and more than 1,500 talents on staff - including IT engineers and digital experts - we work every day to improve the Smart Industry solutions of our partners’ companies all over Italy: from team training to projects implementation. United by passion for technology and love for our country, our goal is to approach the world differently. This is how we are able to always create new value for our clients: by making the incredible happen, every day.
We are consultants and partners for companies that want to grow with first-class IT solutions and specialist skills: we believe in the evolution that new technologies can enable, and you?

The basis of our work is to help companies to acquire top talents and prepare people for the next generation workplace. Whether multinationals or ambitious start-ups, we offer IT solutions, smart engineering, people skills and access to a network of best-in-class specialists.

As a consultant and workforce partner, our clients' challenges are also our own, which is why we help them achieve their business goals with expert solutions in several industries: Life Sciences & Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Railway, Naval, Telecommunications & Media, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Energy, Financial Services & Banking, Fashion.

We believe in the evolution that new technologies can enable. To inspire our employees, customers, and partners to make the difference, we collaborate with organizations that identify with our human culture and technology mindset, always offering new career and development opportunities.

Let's engineer your smarter
future together