Akkodis Netherlands Complaints Procedure


Everybody who works at Akkodis Netherlands is familiar with our code of conduct. Our code of conduct is in line with the expectations of the relevant region and the core values of the organisation. This is how the Akkodis does everything it can to promote and maintain a diverse culture of respect and equal opportunity. We act with integrity and are a reliable partner for our customers and prospective workers.

Should you still wish to make a complaint
We are assuming that you can discuss and hopefully resolve this directly with your contact. We encourage you to report your complaint to us. This will ensure that we can assist you further and you will give us valuable information that we can use to improve our services.

Is it not possible to resolve your complaint?
You can then report your complaint by emailing nederland@akkodis.com. Your complaint will be accepted for processing at this central point. The Quality & Compliance department will register and coordinate your complaint.

You will always receive an acknowledgement of receipt regarding your complaint. We will ask the responsible manager to search for a solution depending on the scope of your complaint. If a solution cannot be found immediately, the relevant manager will determine which measures are needed to assist you further. Our aim is that the responsible manager will personally contact you within five working days.

We make every effort to comply with our legal obligations and take the highest standards of ethical conduct into account when doing so. We take complaints seriously and they are regularly analysed and subsequently discussed with Akkodis Netherlands' management. If required, changes are made in our services and processes to implement structural improvements.