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At Akkodis, we understand that agile tech talent is crucial to keep pace in today’s ever-evolving smart world. Together with our Akkodis Academy, you can close skills gaps through tailored re-skilling and up-skilling programs that fit your needs. We help you to future-proof existing and new talent with innovative solutions to drive workforce transformation.

Re-skill & up-skill for next-level tech talent

With the demand for tech talent rising in response to an increasingly digital landscape, closing the skills gap is imperative. As a leading organization, you have unique goals and needs, as do all of our clients. Yet, there is one thing that runs as a common thread throughout: the need for continuous learning. Our Academy enables you to retain existing talent and attract new talent by re- and up-skilling, shaping your workforce of tomorrow.

    Up-skilling generic to tech-specific

    Meeting workplace and client demands requires specialized tech skills. With Academy, we help your new & existing talent to from generic to specialized expertise in your future-needed domains through our theoretical and hands-on up-skilling to build a next generation workforce.

    Re-skilling the workforce of tomorrow

    The future is digital and being tech-adept is key to taking the business further. Our Academy enables you to re-skill your entire workforce through tailored workforce solutions training programs that align with specific needs. Your valuable talent can step into essential tech roles and engineer a smarter tomorrow, together.

    Build agile talent pools by up-skilling new hires

    Attracting the right talent that shapes your organization’s future is what puts you ahead of the curve. Akkodis Academy qualifies best-fit candidates through tailored tech talent up-skilling, certifies their tech competencies, and ensures they’re placed in the right role to drive business transformation.

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Innovative training solutions to take talent further

We understand that highly skilled tech talent is pivotal for the future success of today’s organizations. With Akkodis Academy, new talent can launch their professional path and grow with you, or your existing talent can transform into the next-generation workforce. Our innovative training solutions also help to rapidly grow our consulting and talent services, allowing for a rapid ramp-up of qualified talent.

We create re-skilling and up-skilling programs in a variety of formats to fit specific needs and goals. From self-paced learning paths and study groups to instructor-led online and campus sessions, we shape solutions designed to take talent further.

We offer boot camps, part-time courses, or full-time immersive courses to deliver the right training as and when it’s required. Each up-skilling and re-skilling program is specifically structured to deliver innovative training opportunities, wherever people are on their tech career journey.

We work with you to address your skills gap:


    Together, we define the essential future skillsets for your organization, combining your tech unit and HR with our Academy expertise.

    Design & Delivery

    We build a targeted skilling solution that blends tailored learning paths with part-time or full-time programs.


    After completing the training, your talent is ready to form new, future-ready teams or can step into the right tech roles within your organization.

Your partner in workforce transformation

With our in-depth assessment of existing and required skills within your organization, we help you build a unique workforce transformation strategy. Following their tailored up-skilling or re-skilling programs, your current and new talent can set out on their tech career paths with a next-level skillset.

You benefit from our continually updated Academy training catalog, developed from 20 years of experience, cross-industry expertise, deep knowledge in tech practice strategy and close collaboration with leading learning and tech partners.

You can leverage our global capabilities and standards while benefiting from a local approach. Our training programs are global but delivered locally*, so your talent’s up-skilling or re-skilling journey is always aligned with their needs and goals.

We work with you to build a fit-for-purpose curriculum in line with your company’s technology strategy. And at the end of the training, we certify your talent so you can recognize their achievements.

*We are present in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Japan, UK and USA, and are expanding our reach to support local needs.

Why Akkodis Academy

Thanks to our extensive consulting and solutions expertise, we deliver in-depth, hands-on and innovative workforce training solutions with a curriculum that is specified to your and your talent’s tech goals.

  • 10

    Academy-dedicated countries

  • 6,900

    talents up-skilled / re-skilled in 2021

We go beyond developing next-level tech skills by incorporating soft skills training to shape a workforce ready for tomorrow. And we’ve delivered agile talent solutions with global tech leaders such as Microsoft, AWS, UiPath, Salesforce, SAP, Rockwell Automation, Corelight.

We believe in talent, not labels

Diversity in tech & engineering is key in shaping a future-ready, agile workforce. We’ve launched multiple internal and external programs that deliver the highest quality training to traditionally under-represented people within the tech and engineering industry:

Let's engineer your smarter
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