Akkodis Advisory

Smart thinking to unlock insight and enable decision making, creating clarity, capability, and the confidence to act. Akkodis Advisory brings clarity and alignment to help obtain the business results you want. Results characterized by a clear strategy and high performance. Results that enable you to become a ‘lighthouse’ organization.

Strategy, governance and decision making

Business-critical decision making requires judgement in the face of uncertainty, conflicting information, competing priorities, and overwhelming complexity.

Drawing on deep smarts in strategy and leadership, decision making, risk management, stakeholder engagement and high-performance teams, we ensure your team is on the same page, inspired by a common purpose, with a clear map to the future, a means of knowing whether you’re on track and ready to execute with confidence.

Business performance and digital transformation

Whether you’re looking to design and drive a large-scale business or digital transformation, lead a major program of work, shift to more agile ways of operating, or just need assistance with running key technology related projects and plotting an effective pathway through change, we bring expertise and evidenced based frameworks and capability to get you there.

We help you transform for sustainability and innovate to shape your future. Our team can support you to lead effectively, engage your people, customers, and stakeholders. We work with you to make sense of complexity, ensuring you have the right structures, talent, systems, and governance in place to transform your business for the fast- paced and ever evolving digital world.