Jury Management System

Jury service plays a central role in the justice system. It allows members of the community to play an active role in the administration of justice. Streamlining the administrative processes involved with the selection and management of jury members reduces the costs and time, delivering better outcomes for the community.

Improved service and efficiency

Following the successful launch in Australia in 2014, the Akkodis Jury Management System (JMS) makes it easier and faster for jurors to navigate their way through the justice system.

It is a unique cloud-based solution which optimises the jury management selection process by streamlining and automating the selection activities and improving service quality and efficiency.

The JMS was first implemented by the New South Wales (NSW) government to improve stakeholder engagement, remove manual processes, and provide a process and cost saving to court jurisdictions.

The JMS system also improves the user experience for prospective jurors and judicial administrators. With enhanced accessibility and responsiveness, JMS enables clear and consistent messaging for a quality user experience.

The JMS improves processing time with 300 people checked-in for jury service in less than 30 minutes, compared to more than three hours under the old manual system.

Juror Processing Time

  • Improved panel processing – reduced friction
  • On the spot check-in and excusal determination
  • Improved service and reduced double handling
  • Automation and reduction of paper processing.

User centric design

The JMS promotes a self-service opportunity where users can interact at times that are convenient for them. Through the user-centred design, there is low on-going maintenance and low training costs.

Processing time is reduced by ~75% making this platform more effective and efficient for everyone involved.

What was once a cumbersome and labour-intensive process is now quick and effective, resulting in a faster and more accessible justice system.