Cloud, Infrastructure & Security

Today’s pioneering organizations harness cloud capabilities to enable fully scalable services and solutions. It takes the right people, with the right skills, at the right time to meet cybersecurity challenges on the journey towards a smarter tomorrow.

Scalable transformation

Rapid advancements in cloud technologies are enabling greater scalability, efficiency and security. Businesses that embrace these technologies don’t just keep pace; they go beyond the competition. Our deep domain expertise enables end-to-end transformation across your infrastructure, so you always stay ahead of the curve.

    Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

    Take your organization to the next level with hybrid cloud infrastructure for enhanced scalability and management. Or take the multi-cloud approach to drive optimal security, ROI and workload distribution.

    Automation, ML & AI

    Leverage cloud capabilities to enable advanced data processing and storage along with data-driven decision making. We combine automation, machine learning and AI expertise with cloud proficiency to take your business forward.

    Advanced security

    Ramp up security and ensure compliance across each aspect of your business by harnessing Akkodis’ expertise. We prioritize device, data and network integrity without compromising on your cloud and infrastructure performance.

    Emerging Cloud Tech

    DevOps and containerization technologies are driving transformation in cloud-native apps. We are passionate about shaping each process, system and device spanning your organization to ensure cutting-edge performance that outsmarts the competition.

Akkodis as the right partner

Trusted by Fortune 500 clients in our targeted industries

  • 50,000+

    engineers and digital experts

  • 30


  • 38

    years of cross-industry experience

  • €4 billion

    annual revenue

  • 10,000+

    Digital and Engineering specialists placed per year

Shaping scalable businesses for a smarter tomorrow
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