Application Modernization

Modernizing legacy IT infrastructure and systems is a critical success factor for ensuring your technology meets your business needs now and into the future. Application Modernization is key to establishing a sustainable and cost-effective technology environment.

Benefits of Application Modernization

Transforming legacy technology applications into modern, sustainable cloud-based services ensures scalable, fit-for-purpose technology solutions for your business.

Regardless of how technology changes over time, application modernization can improve business processes and performance, delivering incremental savings and long-term cost and productivity gains.

Benefits of Application Modernization include:

  • Creating new business value from existing applications
  • Redeployment of operating budget to invest in business innovation
  • Improvement of portfolio-wide integration to support business agility and productivity
  • Efficient deployment of new applications and updates.

Akkodis’ approach to Application Modernization

Akkodis' approach to application modernization focuses on the function, user experience, agility, and operational effectiveness of the application portfolio.

We use iterative delivery approaches and DevOps methodology to avoid big-bang system replacements.

Modernizing an application can take several forms, including re-platforming, replacing, or expanding the components of an application portfolio.

Applications can be modernized in a variety of ways:

  • On-premises applications requiring message-queue as-a-service, storage-as-a-service, or other cloud-based dependencies while still running at the edge
  • Shift on-premise applications to cloud-based VMs
  • Refactor on-premise applications to microservices, optimizing the split between cloud and on-premise components
  • Application composition loose coupling; fault tolerance and scalability
  • Convert on-premise applications to the serverless paradigm
  • Modern identity federation using SAML/oAuth for application user authentication.