Systems Integration

In an increasingly complex and competitive business environment, effective integration of core technology systems is fundamental to effective and efficient communication and information flow between disparate internal and external systems.

Whole of business approach

Systems Integration (SI) projects are complex due to their scale, breadth, and scope. These projects often involve business critical systems and impact people, processes, and technologies within an organization.

SI projects are typically characterised by multiple phases, a multitude of internal and external vendors, and delivered within a single project framework. As a result, all the effort and outputs must be holistically considered and managed to achieve the desired business outcomes.

How does Akkodis manage the complexity of SI projects to deliver the best outcomes for your business?

The answer lies in our broad industry experience, technical expertise and commitment to a vendor-agnostic approach that puts your needs first; a team with the specific skills and experience in dealing with multiple stakeholders, systems, vendors, and methodologies.

This independence and deep understanding of different industry and technology requirements means we can be objective and pragmatic about which technologies we choose or develop for you.

Akkodis always identifies and provides the best tools and systems for the job you want completed, to deliver the benefits you expect.

Systems Integration Methodology

Akkodis has deep experience implementing complex software solutions, delivered by multi-disciplinary teams of certified software development practitioners; enthusiastic thought-leaders who understand your environment, the complexities of new technologies, and how to leverage and optimize existing solutions wherever possible.

This integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to SI makes the development and integration journey much faster and cost-effective for our clients.

Each discipline has a methodology or best practice approach associated with it.

Akkodis’ SI methodology includes the following disciplines:

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Release Management (aka Deployment Management)
  • Business Process Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Architecture
  • Application Development
  • Quality Assurance (aka Testing and Assurance)
  • Service Management (aka Configuration Management)
  • People Change Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Benefits Management.