Wireless & Connectivity

At Akkodis, we understand that connectivity is the heart of the digital enterprise. Our engineering and tech talent has the skills, experience and expertise to make sure your devices and networks are on the cutting edge of connectivity – from 5G and IoT to cloud and onboard telemetry.

Building the digital enterprise

Connectivity is no longer a matter just for device manufacturers and network operators. Companies in every sector need cutting-edge connectivity to power their transformations into digital enterprises. Partnering with Akkodis means you can leverage our industry-leading engineering and tech talent alongside our deep cross-domain expertise to make sure your connectivity solution delivers.

    IoT everywhere

    By 2026, there will be 27 billion connected IoT devices, according to IoT Analytics, a leading global provider of market insights and strategic business intelligence. Existing use cases in industrial, healthcare and other settings will continue to grow and new ones will keep emerging across all sectors. Whatever your business, Akkodis has the engineering and tech talent to design, deploy and manage your IoT solution.

    5G takes over

    Deployments of 5G networks are gathering pace and promising to revolutionize network access for users, especially among under-served populations. To make the most of the opportunity, you need to be planning your transition from legacy wireless connectivity right now. By partnering with Akkodis, you’ll have access to industry-leading engineering and tech talent to plan and implement the transition.

    Unlocking the power of data

    Ever-growing numbers of connected devices means ever-growing volumes of data from IoT sensors, connected and autonomous vehicles, healthcare wearables and more. At Akkodis, we leverage our engineering and tech talent alongside our domain expertise in connectivity, cloud, AI/ML and analytics so our clients gain actionable insights from their connected devices and sensors.

    Security matters

    Exponential growth in connected devices means expanded threat surfaces, with remote access the most common attack vector. Akkodis has many years of experience in securing networks and systems, so your IoT and communication networks are in safe hands with our engineering and tech talent.

Akkodis as the right partner

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Building the digital enterprise with connectivity
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