The Adecco Group promotes a culture that encourages questioning and protects free communication especially when it comes to compliance with laws, the Code of Conduct, internal procedures, and Social Responsibility principles.

We encourage and count on you to bring any concerns to our attention about potentially inappropriate activities and behaviour related to the context in which The Adecco Group operates. This enables The Adecco Group to conduct effective investigations, support fair and consistent enforcement, and take action to prevent further inappropriate behaviour in the future. Your report can help improve internal controls, procedures and business practices and can help ensure that everyone acts with integrity, social responsibility, and ethical compliance.

The Adecco Group has established the Adecco Compliance and Ethics Line ("ACE Line") channel, which is available to make internal reports of an actual or potential violation that you have become aware of as part of your employment or service relationship with The Adecco Group:

  • - Breaches of The Adecco Group Code of Conduct;
  • - Breaches of a company policies, business practices, manuals or procedures;
  • - Breaches of any applicable laws and/or regulations;

The ACE Line can be accessed by anyone who wants to make a report, including employees, contractors, contingent workers, applicants, former employees, trainees, clients, service providers and third parties. The channel is available in all languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can find more information and can file a report here: The Adecco Group employees can find additional information on the companies’ Intranet.

Please be informed that you can also bring your allegations to the attention of the responsible national public authorities. These competent authorities for external reports are listed in the Royal Decree (Royal Decree of January 22, 2023 designating the competent authorities for the implementation of the law of November 28, 2022 on the protection of reporters of violations of Union or national law established within a legal entity in the private sector):