Product Life Cycle Analysis sees Akkodis contribute to the decarbonization of industry

The environmental impact of human activity, particularly that of industry, is the focus of much attention. Companies face a range of challenges. These include improving energy efficiency, Green IT, and designing eco-friendly products that respect the environment. Akkodis supports its clients in their efforts to minimize their environmental impact, with a value proposition ranging from strategy to deployment of technological solutions.

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8th of November, 2023

The environmental impact of human activity is a growing concern.

Manufacturers face many challenges: from improving energy efficiency and designing environmentally friendly products, to IT solutions aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of their digital activities.

To help its clients reduce their environmental footprint, Akkodis provides a comprehensive range of services. These are backed by a team of 80 multi-sector experts and over 400 engineers specializing in specific technical fields. As part of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) strategy stream, Akkodis offers analysis and carbon audits and assists customers in defining the associated action plans. The Product Solutions area includes life cycle analysis and eco-design of products, while the Solutions for Industry division focuses on energy use.

Let's take the example of a car manufacturer. Carbon-free and energy-efficient production means changing the energy sources and consumption patterns of its plants, replacing gas with geothermal or photovoltaic energy. The third stream, Green IT, focuses on assessing the carbon impact of digital activity and providing solutions for its reduction. A good example is our proposal to renew IT equipment every 5 years instead of every 3, in order to control the use and maintenance of this equipment. 

Akkodis also runs internal and external training and awareness-raising sessions on topics such as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), eco-design and hydrogen.

Product Environmental Profiles (PEP)

In response to the growing demand for environmental transparency under the Green Premium initiative, an eco-label and sustainable product development program, Akkodis has drawn up Product Environmental Profiles (PEPs) for around 20 photoelectric sensor models. This project was carried out at the request of Akkodis' long-standing client, a world leader in digital energy solutions and automation for energy efficiency and sustainability.

The Akkodis teams conducted an attributive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of these electromechanical and electrical products, in compliance with the French Product Category Rules (PCR) 2021 edition 4. Using this method, they were able to quantify their environmental impact, take into account end-of-life instructions and identify any existing hazardous substances.

Through the validation of its PEPs with the ISO 14021:2016 standard, Akkodis consultants not only confirmed the manufacturer’s Type II self-declared environmental claims but also reinforced the credibility of the Green Premium ecolabel. Furthermore, the company’s eco-design efforts were measured by comparing LCA results with those of other similar products on the market.

Tony Padovan, Director of Environmental Impact Expertise, explains: “We also carried out a sensitivity analysis taking into account different usage scenarios and distribution modes, thus ensuring a comprehensive view of the environmental impact of photoelectric sensors.”

To deliver this service, Akkodis uses cutting-edge tools such as EIME, the life cycle analysis and eco-design software, which helps generate specialized LCAs for electrical and electromechanical products.

Opening up opportunities across industries

Life cycle analysis and eco-design are global methods that can be applied to a wide range of products and processes. Among the clients who have benefited from this expertise, Akkodis supplies car manufacturers, to develop a car with a low environmental footprint, as well as helicopter engines, satellites, locomotives and optical fiber technology. European and French regulations are moving in this direction and will oblige all manufacturers to comply with these requirements.

Committed to the energy transition 

With its service portfolio, Akkodis is helping to reduce the environmental impact of industry, and its branches offer exciting opportunities for future talent.

“What sets us apart, is our team of highly qualified experts dedicated to supporting junior and senior engineers in their professional development,” says Tony. “We believe in training the next generation of environmental impact leaders. By joining our organization, candidates will have the opportunity to increase their skills and expertise - and actively contribute to creating a better future for our planet."

Inspired by projects like this? We have positions that will see you enhance your skills, work on innovative projects and make a real impact. To find out more about our exceptional career opportunities, visit our Careers page.


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