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How Generative AI Shapes Smart Technologies and Product Engineering

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24th of October, 2023

Generative Artificial Intelligence can be applied in various ways in product design and product engineering, as well as in smart technology perspectives like autonomous vehicles, software-defined vehicles, smart and connected products, connected vehicles and fleets, and Industry 4.0 manufacturing engineering.  By 2025, Gartner expects Generative AI to account for 10% of all data produced. The Forbes Technology Council states, “...when correctly defined and implemented, generative AI has the potential to deliver much greater value, particularly when it comes to all-encompassing business objectives.”

Akkodis is helping businesses venture into the AI domain as we explore the unparalleled attributes and breakthroughs of Generative AI. While Generative AI is known for foundation models that are used for creating content such as text, images, and videos, we are propelling it beyond conventional AI/ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models. Embracing our clients' aspirations, we actively collaborate in a wide range of domains:

AIvate: Elevate Product Design with AI Creativity, Product Design and Engineering

Generative Product Design: We help our clients utilize Generative AI to automatically create design alternatives based on specific constraints and requirements. This enables rapid iteration and exploration of innovative design possibilities.

Parametric Modeling: Using Generative AI to explore different design variations by altering parameters and automating changes in product geometry and speeding up the iterative design process.

Design Optimization: Applying Generative AI to optimize the design process, optimize the performance, strength, aerodynamics, cost, and other design parameters of products, leading to more efficient, cost-effective, and lightweight product designs.

Design Validation: Using Generative AI to simulate and validate designs in virtual environments, enabling faster and more accurate testing before physical prototyping.

Design Synthesis: Utilizing Generative AI to create generated content, concept designs based on user inputs and preferences, and provide a more personalized and customized design experience.

Traditional AI/ML and NLP models are more focused on analysis and prediction based on existing training data or synthetic data, while relying on predefined patterns and data for decision-making. With Generative AI, we can explore a vast design space and generate novel solutions that enable the automatic creation of new designs.

Generative Wheels: Smart Technology Perspectives: Accelerating Innovation in Autonomous Vehicles and Software-Defined Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicle Design: Applying Generative AI to optimize sensor placement, control systems, and decision-making algorithms for autonomous vehicles, leading to improved safety and efficiency.

Generative-Control Systems: Leveraging Generative AI for advanced control systems in autonomous vehicles, enabling them to make real-time decisions based on environmental data and traffic conditions.

Generative-Perception: Utilizing Generative AI to enhance sensing and perception capabilities of autonomous vehicles, enabling them to accurately interpret and respond to the surrounding environment.

Generative-Autonomy: Implementing Generative AI techniques that allow autonomous vehicles to continuously learn from real-world driving experiences and improve their decision-making over time.

Software-Defined Vehicle Systems: Using Generative AI to optimize software-defined vehicle architecture and update systems based on real-time data, enhancing performance and adaptability.

ConneXcel: Excelling in the World of Connected Products

Smart and Connected Product Design: Employing Generative AI to create smart product designs with embedded sensors, connectivity, and advanced functionalities for IoT applications.

Generative-Personalization: Applying Generative AI to customize smart and connected products based on individual user preferences and behavior.

Predictive Maintenance: Using Generative AI to predict potential failures in connected products, allowing for proactive maintenance and reducing downtime.

Product Interaction and Assistance: Integrating Generative AI and recurrent neural networks to enable natural language interaction and voice-controlled functionalities in smart products.

ConnexSys: Empowering Smart Decisions in Connected Vehicles and Fleets

We are leveraging Generative AI to create new vehicle designs, fleet management strategies, and product features, while enhancing the traditional AI/ML and NLP models’ ability to analyze existing data and make recommendations based on historical patterns.

Connected Vehicle and Fleet Management: Utilizing Generative AI to optimize fleet routes, manage logistics, and predict maintenance requirements for connected vehicles and fleets.

Fleet Management Optimization: Utilizing generative AI to optimize routes, manage vehicle utilization, and minimize fuel consumption for connected fleets.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics: Applying Generative AI to collect and analyze data from connected vehicles in real-time, enabling better decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

Risk and Safety Analysis: Leveraging Generative AI systems to assess potential risks and enhance safety measures in connected vehicle environments.

SmartMake: Innovating Manufacturing Through Generative-Engineering

We leverage Generative AI for continuous adaptation and learning, enabling smart technology systems to evolve and improve over time, while developing from the current AI/ML and NLP learned models that require manual updates and retraining.

Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Engineering: Integrating Generative AI in automated manufacturing processes to optimize production layouts, reduce material waste, and enhance quality control.

Generative-Manufacturing Process Optimization: Implementing Generative AI to optimize manufacturing processes, reducing cycle times, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Generative-Quality Control: Using Generative AI to predict and prevent defects in manufacturing processes, leading to higher product quality.

Digital Twin Generative-Simulations: Leveraging Generative AI to create digital twin simulations for predictive maintenance, process optimization, and real-time monitoring in manufacturing.

Digital Technology and Engineering Service Provider, Akkodis’ Role

The adoption and integration of Generative AI in product design, product development, engineering, and smart technology perspectives can significantly enhance the value you offer to your clients. We are taking up key roles and contributing significantly to our clients’ businesses.

Explore our other publications, titled GenerativeAIVerse: A Trailblazing Journey with Generative AI Regeneration and Data Artistry: The Generative AI Smart Industry Sector Revolution to discover how we co-innovate and enable our clients on their transformative journey.

We support our clients' initiatives with our robust Generative AI technology and exceptional Service Delivery Capabilities in the following key area:

Custom Generative AI Solutions: We develop custom Generative AI models tailored to specific industry needs and application solutions that cater to the unique requirements of product design, autonomous vehicles, connected products, and smart manufacturing.

Solution Framework for Data Labeling in Generative AI for Large Language Models

Data labeling is a crucial step in training Large Language Models (LLMs) for Generative AI. It involves the process of annotating and categorizing data to create labeled datasets that can be used to train LLMs effectively. Building a solution framework for data labeling in the context of Generative AI requires careful consideration of various factors.

Model Training and Fine-Tuning: Train and fine tune Generative AI models on large datasets to ensure they align with the specific requirements and performance criteria of our clients. Optimize the models to produce accurate and innovative results.

Integration and Deployment: With the right compute power, we integrate Generative AI models seamlessly into the existing product design and engineering workflows, as well as smart technology systems. This ensures a smooth deployment and compatibility with the client's infrastructure.

Generative AI Infrastructure and Deployment: Providing the necessary infrastructure and support for deploying Generative AI models in production environments.

Continuous Support and Improvement: Offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the Generative AI models operate smoothly and efficiently. Monitor model performance, make necessary improvements, and provide updates to keep the technology current.

Genius@Play: The Generative AI Academy of Innovation: Conducting training programs and workshops to upskill client teams in Generative AI concepts and applications.

Embracing Generative AI can revolutionize product design, engineering, and smart technology domains. By harnessing the power of Generative AI's creativity, personalization, efficiency, and adaptability, we deliver innovative solutions that elevate our clients' businesses to new heights of success in their respective industries.

Emphasizing continuous learning, collaboration, and co-innovation will help us establish thought leadership and create a lasting impact on the future of technology-driven industries.

The Bottom Line

At Akkodis, we empower enterprise clients to harness the transformative power of Generative AI and industry-specific Large Language Models (LLMs). Our services encompass the full spectrum of Generative AI adoption, from ideation and strategy development to LLM integration, data preprocessing, and ethical AI practices. Through immersive workshops and AI impact assessments, we identify high-impact use cases for personalized customer service and high quality experiences, optimized operations, and content generation. Leveraging our Cloud-Driven Innovation Labs, we prototype and experiment with LLM-based solutions, ensuring scalable and secure deployments. Moreover, our AI Insights Observatory keeps clients updated on emerging technologies, while continuous learning and model refinement enable clients to stay relevant and adapt to evolving industry trends. By guiding clients through responsible AI practices and ethical data usage, we unlock the true value of Generative AI, revolutionizing industries and driving sustainable growth in today's data-driven world.

To learn more about how Akkodis can help your organization engage in revolutionary product engineering through smart technologies, contact us today!


Kishore Raj
VP, Akkodis Consulting


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