Find Purpose and Create New Business with Generative AI

The journey of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation is ongoing, with continuous research and industry collaboration shaping its future.

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24th of October, 2023

As companies strive for competitive advantage and sustainable growth, Generative AI remains a transformative force that will redefine industries and improve the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.

To find purpose and create new business opportunities with Generative AI capabilities, industries must embrace innovation, invest in AI research and development, and collaborate with technology and engineering professionals.

How Smart Industries Are Utilizing Generative AI

Smart Industries encompass a range of sectors that leverage advanced technologies and data-driven solutions to fine tune processes, enhance productivity, and create intelligent and interconnected systems.

As we discussed in our previous article, “Data Artistry: The Generative AI Smart Industry Sector Revolution”, generative AI capabilities offer unprecedented opportunities for these industries to drive innovation and explore new business avenues. A wide range of industries are using generative AI to create new opportunities in this digital age.

Manufacturing and Industrial Automation

Generative AI can optimize manufacturing processes, generating efficient production schedules and predictive maintenance models, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity.

Smart factories can offer AI-powered manufacturing solutions as a service, attracting customers seeking cost-efficient and automated production processes.

Energy and Utilities

Generative AI can optimize energy distribution, predicting energy demand patterns, and automating energy consumption, leading to more efficient resource management.

Energy providers can offer AI-driven energy optimization services to businesses, reducing costs and promoting sustainable energy consumption.

Agriculture and Farming

Generative AI can analyze agricultural data, offering insights into optimized crop planting, irrigation scheduling, and pest control strategies.

Agricultural technology companies can provide AI-powered precision farming solutions to farmers, increasing crop yields and sustainable agricultural practices.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Generative AI can assist in drug discovery and personalized medicine, analyzing vast datasets to identify potential treatments and tailored therapies.

Healthcare providers can integrate AI-driven patient care systems to offer personalized treatment plans and enhance patient outcomes.

Smart Cities and Urban Planning

Generative AI can analyze urban data, optimizing traffic flow, predicting resource demands, and enhancing public safety measures.

Urban planning companies can offer AI-powered city management solutions to municipalities, improving citizen experiences and urban living.

Smart Connected Products Create Business Opportunities

Smart Connected Products are IoT-enabled devices that utilize data and connectivity to offer enhanced functionalities and services. Generative AI capabilities present a wide array of new business opportunities for many industries.

Home Automation and IoT Devices

Generative AI can enable devices to learn user preferences and adapt functionality, providing personalized and seamless experiences.

Connected Smart device manufacturers can offer AI-powered smart home ecosystems, attracting customers seeking a fully integrated and intelligent living environment.

Wearable Technology

Generative AI can analyze biometric data from wearables, offering personalized health and fitness recommendations.

Wearable Technology companies can offer AI-driven health and wellness platforms, appealing to health-conscious consumers and healthcare providers.

Automotive and Connected Vehicles

Generative AI can power advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), enhancing vehicle safety and autonomous capabilities.

Automotive companies can offer AI-driven fleet management solutions, optimizing vehicle usage and maintenance for transportation and logistics businesses.

Consumer Electronics

Generative AI can enhance product features and user interfaces, adapting to individual preferences and improving usability.

Consumer electronics companies can develop AI-powered smart devices, attracting tech-savvy consumers seeking seamless and personalized experiences.

Digital Health and Telemedicine

Generative AI can analyze patient data, enabling remote diagnosis, and personalized treatment plans.

Digital health platforms can offer AI-driven telemedicine solutions, providing accessible and efficient healthcare services globally.

Industry Innovations with Generative AI

Generative AI capabilities present immense opportunities for Smart Industries, Smart Connected Products and other data centered industry segments to drive innovation and create new business opportunities. By embracing AI-driven solutions, these industries can optimize processes, enhance productivity, and offer personalized and data-driven services to cater to evolving customer demands.

Automotive and Transportation

Implementing Generative AI in vehicle design and customizing features can enhance customer experiences and drive innovation. It can also create new business opportunities by offering personalized mobility solutions, such as AI-driven ride-sharing services, catering to individual preferences and optimizing transportation efficiency. Transportation providers optimize fleet management using Generative AI algorithms to reduce idle times and minimize carbon emissions.

Aerospace and Mobility

Leveraging Generative AI for aerodynamic optimization, aircraft component design, and urban mobility can revolutionize the aerospace and mobility sectors. Utilizing Generative AI drives innovations in aircraft design and optimization, enabling the development of lighter and more aerodynamic planes. Your business can seize new business opportunities by offering AI-driven urban mobility solutions, transforming public transportation systems with dynamic route planning and improved customer experiences.

Banking, Financial Services, and Wealth Management

Implementing Generative AI for tailored investment strategies, dynamic asset allocation, and personalized financial advice can enhance customer outcomes. Generative AI creates personalized financial products and services, aligning investment strategies with individual risk profiles and financial goals. Businesses can provide AI-powered financial education platforms that offer tailored financial advice to customers, improving financial literacy and empowerment.


Technology providers have been at the forefront of AI adoption. Generative AI applications used for creating content, chatbots, and text image synthesis are already prevalent. Further integrating Generative AI model capabilities into existing services and developing new AI-driven products can solidify your leadership in the AI space. Creating new business avenues by offering AI-as-a-Service platforms enables other industries to leverage Generative AI for personalized content generation and creative problem-solving.

Healthcare and Medical Research

Healthcare and Medical businesses can utilize Generative AI to accelerate drug discovery and development, leading to breakthrough treatments for complex diseases. They can also create new business opportunities by providing AI-powered diagnostic tools that assist healthcare professionals in identifying medical conditions and suggesting personalized treatment plans.

Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

By implementing Generative AI for product design and optimization, retail and consumer goods companies are able to create personalized products and customized packaging. They can also find new business potential by offering AI-powered recommendation systems that suggest personalized shopping experiences, therefore driving customer engagement and loyalty.

Media and Entertainment

With the use of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Generative AI can be utilized for content creation, enabling the production of personalized media and entertainment experiences for consumers. The potential for new business can be increased by offering AI-generated content platforms, empowering content creators with innovative tools for storytelling and artistic expression.

Telecommunications and Connectivity

Tech and engineering professionals can harness the power of Generative AI to optimize network performance and enhance customer service experiences. They are creating new business opportunities by offering AI-powered virtual assistants that provide real-time customer service support and personalized recommendations to customers, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Accelerating the Journey with Akkodis

To support industries in their Generative AI journey, Akkodis focuses on building expertise in Generative AI technologies, collaborating with domain experts, and understanding the unique challenges and opportunities in each industry. By offering tailored solutions, ethical AI practices, and upskilling initiatives, Akkodis can accelerate the adoption of Generative AI and drive innovation, creativity, and efficiency in diverse sectors. We provide:

Industry-Specific Solutions: Generative AI solutions customized to each industry's unique challenges and opportunities, such as personalized automotive design, AI-powered wealth management, or aerospace component optimization.

AI Engineering Services: We are experts in AI engineering, including data preprocessing, algorithm development, model training, and deployment. Our services will accelerate the development and implementation of Generative AI solutions. Akkodis offers AI engineering services to develop Generative AI systems for optimized vehicle design, personalized user interfaces, and predictive maintenance models.

Ethical AI Consulting: We provide guidance on ethical AI practices, transparency, and responsible training data usage to ensure industry compliance and maintain customer trust.

Collaborative Innovation: We partner with our clients to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between AI researchers, domain experts, and industry professionals for transformative AI-driven solutions.

Upskilling Initiatives: We support enterprises with AI upskilling programs to equip their workforce with the necessary skills to work collaboratively with Generative AI technologies.

The Bottom Line

At Akkodis, we empower enterprise clients to harness the transformative power of Generative AI and industry-specific Large Language Models (LLMs). Our services encompass the full spectrum of Generative AI adoption, from ideation and strategy development to LLM integration with the appropriate compute power, data preprocessing, and ethical AI practices.

To learn more about how Akkodis can help your organization create new business by incorporating Generative AI, contact us today!


Kishore Raj
VP, Akkodis Consulting


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