Meet the flexible team behind secure banking services

Julien Caubel and Cyril Marty are part of the team who provides server maintenance and incident management services for one of Europe's largest banks. We discussed the importance of good governance and staff coaching when dealing with customer expectations - and managing a system based on ultra-modern technology.

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27th of October, 2023

Julien Caubel: Senior Service Manager

After completing a technical college diploma in IT, Julien began his career as a network engineer. When he first joined Akkodis 10 years ago, he worked for a client specializing in trading room telephone systems. This initial experience in the banking sector paved the way for his subsequent role as Service Manager for a bank client and helped him build up his business expertise. 

At the start of the Akkodis GEMOS project, Julien was appointed Incident Manager. In practice, he wore many hats until the project had the right team on board. Now Senior Service Manager, he oversees the activities for this major French commercial bank. Those include SOCLE incident management and GEMOS operational continuity. And he's about to become Delivery Manager – a great step up, made possible by the support and trust he's received. Julien stresses the importance of annual appraisals, during which all Akkodis employees can request relevant training. In addition, when Akkodis service centers organize contract activities for a client account, they include technical consultants who train new hires until they become fully operational. 

According to Julien, "flexibility makes all the difference" on projects like this. And there are two key elements that play a starring role: good governance and support.

"There's no secret  you can be flexible when you feel supported," he states. It’s this flexibility that allowed Akkodis to respond when another supplier of the bank’s servers management system went on strike. By taking over a large part of the operations, Akkodis ensured the client's business continuity in a crisis situation: a major effort which the client greatly appreciated.

"We amended our schedules and held training sessions right in the middle of the operations," explains Julien. "It was quite an effort, but in the end the customer was delighted."

According to Julien, such agility requires strong organization made up of a variety of talents: "Working in pairs or trios allows us to exchange ideas and stand together on projects with such a high level of activity, but it also helps us to prepare new proposals."

Cyril Marty: Unix Technical Lead

Cyril's career is a perfect example of how Akkodis gives more junior profiles a chance by supporting them in their professional development. This former teacher decided to make a radical career change. Akkodis recruited him after just 7 months' training. Now, as a Unix technical lead in the Continuous Improvement Unit, he is responsible for system administration and plays an active role in improving Unix technical processes.

He is also responsible for writing and updating operating procedures. In this role, it is his turn to support other employees and take responsibility for the training of newly recruited staff. 

When we asked Cyril about the highlights of his job, he immediately emphasized flexibility, organization and professionalism. These, he feels, are essential to meet the expectations of both customers and managers. "When a new project arrives, communication and organization between staff is essential," he stresses. "Good working relationships and communication between employees allow us to overcome moments of doubt or difficulty." 

They say that characters are forged in the fire of adversity, not comfort. Cyril's experience bears this out: "With all the changes and different demands from the customer, we've been able to develop the ability to adapt, organize and get on well with people across all of our teams," he says.

He has been working on the project since 2016 and is convinced that the future is a bright one. "The longevity of the contract proves that Akkodis is a serious and competent company,” says Cyril. “As a result, its reputation in the banking sector continues to grow."

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