Everything You Need to Know About Project Management Services

Imagine this: you have quite a few projects in the air but are experiencing challenges establishing clear objectives, meeting deadlines, efficiently using your resources and can’t quite get them to the finish line. Sound familiar? Don’t worry. We work with lots of organizations who experience this on a very regular basis but  Akkodis has a solution to help overcome your roadblocks and take your project output to the next level. Here’s everything you need to know about Project Management Services.

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22nd of November, 2022

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What is “Project Management Services”?

Project Management Services are adaptable consulting services that enable a client to scale the number of project managers or consultants to fit their needs. Project Management as a service is different from a traditional consulting model where the consultant would supply the resources but the client would still be responsible for the Project Management Office and its performance.

Project Management Services save the client money by providing highly specialized experts as consultants in lieu of hiring costly in-house managers. When you bring in a Project Management Service, you guarantee that you will have project completion that includes clear objectives, deadlines that are met on time, and an efficient use of resources.

Benefits of Using Project Management Services

One of the biggest benefits of using Project Management Services is cost savings. When you use a managed service such as Project Management services, the pricing models are based on the services provided, with the complexity of the project driving the cost up or down. Project Management Services also take responsibility for the recruitment, onboarding, and training of the consultants.

When you utilize Project Management Services within your company, you are able to have access to highly skilled experts without having to manage the project performance. Moving away from project management as an operation and into project management as a service also changes the focus from process to value.

According to the Project Management Institute, an average of 50% of projects fail when project management is undervalued by the company. When a client is wanting the work to be completed faster and under budget, hiring project management services allows for both to occur. In companies that have more projects than time to complete them, project management services can be brought in to fill the needs and provide valuable expertise. Project Management services adds improved accountability, better communication, and effective processes, while also assessing the business unit to find improvements that may have been overlooked in the past.

Is Project Management as a Service Right For My Company?

Project Management as a Service is a shift in the mindset of the company. Moving from a focus in the process to a focus on the value of the performance requires that your Project Management service have a good understanding of what performance is required. This understanding will ensure that the client is at the center of the project, and their satisfaction is the driving force of the project completion.

Project Management services are directly tied to the strategic objectives of the organization for which they have been brought on as a consultant. These professionals are able to prioritize activities based on the strategic essential services while still providing value to their clients. Many organizations don’t possess the capability or capacity to provide in-house project management so they turn to project management services. Others may find that the constant turnover in contractors is resulting in less knowledge and lost time in completing projects.

Utilizing a project management service, clients will find that they have better stability since they are using one service provider. If a company has a global reach, having a project management service can offer organization that is integrated and standardized.

What should I Look For in a Project Management Service?

Just like the shift to managed services for IT solutions, many companies are now looking for project management services that remove some of the burdens of delivering support services. This allows them to focus on what they do best instead of managing service providers. If you’re thinking about hiring out Project Management services for your company, Akkodis is the first place you should start your search. Project Management Services have high caliber project managers that possess all of the following qualities.

  • Professionals: Experienced Project Managers have the knowledge and tools to ensure that the project stays on track and the team is able to achieve the desired results. These experts are highly trained and possess all of the necessary industry certifications to guarantee top quality results.
  • Risk Assessment and Management: As with any project, there is always a potential for things to go wrong. Project Managers are constantly assessing the potential for risks and managing the project in a way to minimize those risks.
  • Time Management: Project Managers have excellent time management skills to guarantee that your projects will be completed on time and within the budget. They are able to utilize their standardized process to structure projects so that they are completed in an efficient manner.
  • Communication: Project Managers are excellent communicators. They work with the clients and the teams to provide support. They establish clear goals and objectives and make sure that everyone is on the same page throughout the entire project timeline.

What’s Next for Project Management Services?

If your company is looking for experienced, highly skilled professionals to take your projects to the next level, Project Management as a Service may be the solution. The project managers you can bring in through Akkodis are ready to jump right into your project to ensure that it’s completed efficiently and effectively. With the rise in demand in Project Management Services, Akkodis is here to help the right people work together in the right ways to achieve smarter outcomes.

We are ready to connect Project Managers with the businesses that need their expertise. Contact us today to get started!


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