Quantum Computing is About to Crack Today’s Toughest Challenges

In the past few decades, the world has been remarkably transformed by digital technologies propelled by Moore’s law. As transistors reach the size of single atoms, further advancement of digital computers will require new alternatives.

The cutting-edge technology quantum computing emerges to harness the power of atoms and immensely increases the computational power for some tasks.

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14th of April, 2023

Quantum Computing: The Next Frontier in Technology and Science

Quantum computing is a new way to build computing devices that harnesses the phenomena of quantum physics. It uses individual atomic or atomic-like particles, known as qubits, as the basic building blocks to hold information and leverages two quantum phenomena to implement computing:

  • The principle of superposition allows storing a large amount of information within individual qubits, much more than the two ‘bit’ states of a digital computer.
  • The principle of entanglement allows the encoding of complex relationships between qubits and the information encoded within them.

The ability to achieve high information density and implement complex relationships within this information are key features of a quantum computer, as they allow the execution of intricate computations very efficiently.

For some tasks, the efficiency gain can be exponential: it would require exponentially more resources to implement and execute the exact computation on a digital computer. Therefore, quantum computers may enable us to run complex computations with unparalleled efficiency and solve some of the most challenging problems of our time.>

Making an Impact: Our Role in Changing the World

Five years ago, Akkodis made an ambitious entry into the field of quantum computing. When we began our journey, we wanted to become part of the development of quantum computers with unparalleled power and capability tailored to solving real-world business challenges. To make this happen, we joined forces with leading European research institutions and industrial partners to build state-of-the-art quantum computers based on trapped ions. This architecture of building quantum processors is particularly suitable for realizing qubits and computational operations of unprecedented quality.

Such quantum processors, however, only function with classical control electronics which provide the signals to trap the ions and perform the computational operations. The contribution by Akkodis is to develop such real-time control electronics and operating system. This system has been developed through four research collaborations to build four quantum computer systems based on trapped ions: all employing different designs. These systems are optimized for robustness and scalability to enable continuous operation and make these systems the first choice to execute real-world problems.

Unlock the Power of Quantum Computing with Akkodis

Our journey through quantum computing technology enables us to not only supply quantum computing vendors with the necessary systems control electronics but also provide our partners custom-fit support to leverage quantum computing.

The Akkodis team can support you at any step: from high-level management reports to in-depth technical discussions on the type of quantum computer system and quantum algorithms you need to overcome your challenges.

We will guide you in executing your use cases on a quantum computer by providing the right team of experts at the right time to generate the best outcome for your business.

Take advantage of the benefits of quantum computing.

Contact Akkodis and discover how we can help you unlock its full potential.


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