India in focus: Introducing Vinodsingh Rajputh

A Future in Flight: From fledgling technician to project trainee in less than a year.

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18th of August, 2023

Bangalore-based engineer Vinodsingh Madansingh Rajputh has had a fascination with aircraft since he was a child. Now he’s putting his love of aviation to good use as a service bulletin engineer at Akkodis. Vinod explains why every day in the job is different, how Akkodis is helping him learn new skills, and why he also dreams of the silver screen in his spare time.

The global aerospace industry is a big business in India. By 2024, the domestic aviation market alone is expected to grow to $30 billion, making it the third largest globally. Long-term, the Indian government expects a fourfold increase in passenger numbers compared to pre-pandemic levels by 2040.

All that expansion means thousands of new aircraft must be delivered, and hundreds of new airports constructed. The world’s fastest-growing economy is hungry for air travel.

It's the southwestern state of Karnataka that is the hub of the aeronautical industry in India (local manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics, one of the world’s oldest aviation companies, was established there in 1940). Today in Bangalore you’ll find several large global players in the commercial aircraft industry, some of whom are supported by our Akkodis engineers.

These teams of engineers include Vinodsingh Madansingh Rajputh, an Akkodis Service Bulletin trainee based in Bangalore. As a child, he was fascinated by aircraft. “I was interested in how aeroplanes were able to fly and stay in the air and their mechanical systems early on,” he explains, “so becoming an aeronautical engineer was a natural choice.”

From intern to project trainee

Vinod studied for a BE in Aeronautical Engineering at the Shree Devi Institute of Technology in Mangalore, where he picked up extensive computer-aided engineering knowledge in widely used software such as CATIA, Solid Edge and MATLAB, along with programming skills in C, Python and Java.

An apprenticeship at the helicopter division of Hindustan Aeronautics in Bangalore followed, where he focused on airworthiness design quality and certification. He joined Akkodis, initially as an intern, at the beginning of 2022.

During his internship, Vinod undertook general training where he learnt more about Akkodis and how and where we work, along with more intensive training in Service Bulletin engineering, including the use of the software.

Most important, he received practical on-the-job training in producing Service Bulletins. “This included using simplified technical English while authoring bulletins,” Vinod explains. His passion and commitment saw Vinod rise through the ranks quickly and, after just seven months as an intern, he was promoted to full-time Service Bulletin trainee.

Explaining his quick progress, Vinod says: “I gave my best, fully participated in all the training, and scored well in the final assessment.”

Coming to work at Akkodis for the first time was straightforward, he adds. “The onboarding process was very smooth, which helped me settle in quickly.”

All that prior experience ensuring helicopters were fit to fly now comes in very handy. Service Bulletins are documents that help engineers optimise and maintain aircraft fleets around the world and keep them flying safely.

The bulletins are typically issued by aircraft manufacturers (or makers of engines or other components) to communicate details of modifications. If the change is judged by the manufacturer to be a safety matter rather than simply a product improvement, then the instructions are issued as an alert accompanied by an airworthiness directive from the appropriate national aviation authority.

Vinod now works as part of a large engineering aerospace team on behalf of large, multinational firm. . “Every day is a challenge when it comes to issuing Service Bulletins. There are always new things to learn. But the variety keeps things interesting: aeronautics is a vast industry.”

The future’s bright for aerospace

Although Akkodis works in many different sectors, Vinod sees his future in flight.

“I am 100% planning to continue working in aerospace for many years. I would recommend Akkodis as an employer because if there are areas where you need assistance, the company will help you. That helps make this a good place to work. And in terms of the aerospace industry, there is a great future ahead for Bangalore, because it’s the centre.”

In his spare time, he explains, he likes nothing better than writing action and thriller movie screenplays in Hindi and Kannada. “I write every day! I’m currently working on a full-length action script, and I can imagine it being turned into a movie one day.”

Cinematic ambitions aside, the technological development of the aerospace industry and the convergence of digital and IT with manufacturing as part of the fourth industrial revolution continue to inspire him.

“The latest versions of software such as CATIA are crucial to our work as engineers. The evolution of digital technology for aerospace is changing the way we work: it’s such a big thing here for engineers in Bangalore.”

Learning more about supply chain management also interests Vinod. “I am interested in learning about manufacturing in terms of how components go from one company and department to the next and managing the technical skills and resources across the supply chain.

“That’s just one area that excites me. But it’s in aerospace that my future lies, and there are blue skies ahead with Akkodis.”

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