Generative AI: Leveraging Existing Data with Industry-Specific LLMs

Large Language Models (LLMs), like GPT-3 and its successors, are revolutionizing Generative AI with their ability to generate human-like text. Explore how industry-specific LLMs are reshaping sectors like automotive, transportation, aerospace, banking, and technology.

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19th of September, 2023

Large Language Models (LLMs), such as GPT-3 and its successors, have emerged as powerful tools in the domain of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

While Generative AI is powered by foundation models, LLMs are trained as learned models with trillions of words for natural language processing. These language models possess the ability to generate text that is human-like while understanding context, making them valuable assets for industries such as automotive, transportation, aerospace, mobility, banking, financial services, wealth management, and technology. 

To unlock the full potential of industry-specific LLMs and extract value from existing data, companies need to take specific steps from a Generative AI perspective.

Utilizing LLMs for Industries

Enterprises worldwide are looking to Akkodis for their adaptation of Generative AI models, including industry-specific LLMs. An article by PYMNT recently stated, “...AI applications that move beyond general-purpose applications to fit-for-purpose solutions offer enterprises and even entire industries a compelling change-the-game potential.” The experts at Akkodis have solutions for the best utilization of LLMs for your industry.

Automotive and Transportation

LLMs can be used to generate personalized vehicle recommendations based on customer preferences and driving habits, improving the car-buying experience.

In transportation, LLMs can optimize route recommendations for ride-sharing services, reducing travel time and enhancing passenger satisfaction.

Akkodis offers AI engineering services to develop LLMs for optimized vehicle design, personalized user interfaces, and predictive maintenance models.

Aerospace and Mobility

LLMs can assist in drafting text based technical documentation for aircraft design, streamlining the process and ensuring accurate data representation.

For mobility solutions, LLMs can generate insights from real-time data to optimize traffic flow and enhance urban mobility.

Akkodis can provide expertise in LLM algorithms and simulation technologies using synthetic data to enhance aircraft design and improve mobility solutions.

Banking, Financial Services, and Wealth Management

LLMs can help generate personalized financial advice and investment strategies for wealth management clients, considering their financial goals and risk tolerance.

In financial services, LLMs can analyze unstructured data, such as news articles and social media, to predict market trends and inform trading decisions.

Akkodis can develop LLMs that specialize in wealth management platforms by combining financial expertise with advanced AI algorithms.

Technology Companies

LLMs can be integrated into content creation platforms, generating blog posts, articles, and marketing materials, freeing up time for creative professionals.

In chatbots and virtual assistants, LLMs can provide more contextually relevant and human-like responses, improving customer service and interactions.

Akkodis can collaborate with tech companies to improve their LLMs performance, optimize algorithms, and develop novel Generative AI solutions.

Unlocking Value from Existing Data for Generative AI

To extract value from existing data and leverage it effectively for Generative AI applications, companies must take the following steps:

Data Preprocessing: Cleanse and preprocess the existing data to remove noise and ensure consistency. LLMs perform best when trained on clean and well-structured data.

Data Augmentation: To augment existing datasets, combine and enrich them with new data. This ensures a broader and more diverse training dataset, leading to more accurate and creative output from the LLM.

Fine-tuning: Companies can fine-tune pre-trained LLMs on their domain-specific data to make the models more relevant and specific to their industry. Fine-tuning helps the LLM generate more accurate and industry-specific content.

Ethical Considerations: Prioritize data privacy and ethical usage of data when training and utilizing LLMs. Ensure that the training data does not contain sensitive information that could lead to biased or discriminatory output.

Continuous Learning: Implement a continual learning approach to update and improve the LLMs' performance over time. Regularly retrain the models with new data to stay up-to-date and relevant to changing industry trends.

Unlimited Possibilities with Generative AI

There are a wide range of AI systems that use Generative AI to create text, images, and videos. These models, empowered by LLMs, hold immense potential for industries such as automotive, transportation, aerospace, mobility, banking, financial services, wealth management, and technology.

By leveraging existing data and optimizing its usage, companies can unlock significant value from LLMs, enabling personalized customer experiences, creative content generation, and data-driven insights.

Embracing ethical AI practices and ensuring responsible data collection and usage are crucial aspects for organizations to extract the full potential of Generative AI while maintaining customer trust and industry compliance.

Through continual learning and innovation, industries can harness the power of Generative AI to drive creativity, efficiency, and growth in today's data-driven world.

Revolutionizing Your Business with Generative AI

At Akkodis, we empower enterprise clients to harness the transformative power of Generative AI and industry-specific Large Language Models (LLMs). According to Tech Monitor, LLMs use a lot of compute power for creating content, but our experts have you covered.

Our services encompass the full spectrum of Generative AI adoption, from ideation and strategy development to LLM integration, data preprocessing, and ethical AI practices. Through immersive workshops and AI impact assessments, we identify high quality and high impact use cases for personalized customer experiences, optimized operations, and content generation.

Leveraging our Cloud-Driven Innovation Labs, we prototype and experiment with LLM-based solutions, ensuring scalable and secure deployments. Moreover, our AI Insights Observatory keeps clients updated on emerging technologies, while continuous learning and model refinement enable clients to stay relevant and adapt to evolving industry trends. By guiding clients through responsible AI practices and ethical data usage, we unlock the true value of Generative AI.

Akkodis is revolutionizing industries and driving sustainable growth in today's data-driven world. To learn more about how Akkodis can help your organization leverage your existing data with Generative AI, contact us today!


Kishore Raj
VP, Akkodis Consulting


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